Facial asymmetry and torticollis

Babies born with congenital torticollis have limited mobility in their necks, causing their heads to tilt to one side. But with treatment — stretching and strengthening exercises, for instance — most infants with congenital torticollis regain full head and neck mobility within months. A baby with torticollis has a misaligned neck, which in turn causes her head to tip to one side and her chin to point in the opposite direction. Congenital torticollis is most often caused when the muscle that runs along both sides of the neck the sternocleidomastoid muscle, or SCM for short is strained, causing it to contract and shorten. In very rare cases, congenital torticollis may be caused by an underlying condition such as a spinal abnormality, dwarfism, or a bone-growth disorder.
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Plagiocephaly and Facial Asymmetry

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Congenital Torticollis | What to Expect

Facial asymmetry can be one of the most noticeable symptoms of plagiocephaly. As the skull flattens on one side, the facial features may be pushed out of alignment, causing the jaw, ears and eyes to look lopsided. The question is, can facial asymmetry be improved with treatment or is it permanent? In this post, we explore the research that has been carried out to date in order to investigate the link between plagiocephaly and facial asymmetry. We look at the cosmetic outcomes of craniofacial helmet therapy, as well as some of the potential issues that might arise as a result of having misaligned facial features.
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Facial asymmetry in ocular torticollis

Torticollis can arise from nonocular usually musculoskeletal and ocular conditions. Some facial asymmetries are correlated with a history of early onset ocular torticollis supported by the presence of torticollis on reviewing childhood photographs. When present in an adult, this type of facial asymmetry with an origin of ocular torticollis should help to confirm the chronicity of the defect and prevent unnecessary neurologic evaluation in patients with an uncertain history. Assessment of facial asymmetry consists of a patient history, physical examination, and medical imaging. Medical imaging and facial morphometry are helpful for objective diagnosis and measurement of the facial asymmetry, as well as for treatment planning.
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European Surgery. Postoperatively, the patient wore a collar and underwent intensive physical therapy. RESULTS: The patient showed marked improvement in range of neck motion and head tilt, experienced pain relief, achieved satisfactory functional and cosmetic results and had a better quality of life. Postoperativ trug der Patient wochenlang eine Halskrause und bekam eine intensive physikalische Therapie.
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