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Everyone does it, right? But when that messaging becomes flirty, is it still acceptable? But not knowing the ins and outs of messaging about your ins and outs can leave you feeling guilty and on edge, going bright red every time your boss sends you a Slack. Most companies will establish extensive policies when giving out mobile phones, which will likely cover the use of phones for non-work reasons such as sexting — so you could face consequences beyond the embarrassment of your boss seeing your fake orgasm face captured in selfie form. So, can you be fired for sexting at work? Kind of, but it really depends on your workplace and how well you can balance sexy talk and work stuff.

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Virginia has a mixed history when it comes to handling teens and sexting. For the most part, these cases have been handled with maximum vindictiveness, resulting in teens being charged with child porn production and possession. In rare cases, prosecutors have exercised more discretion , allowing these experiences to be educational rather than punitive. But default mode is still to use the law like a weapon, rather than a tool, as if justice were somehow achieved by ruining teens' lives forever for some stupid indiscretions. A parent's firsthand experience with this has resulted in him calling out Theo Stamos, Arlington County Commonwealth's Attorney, for her attempt to portray herself as a reformer in her run for reelection.

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Even in a world where online dating has become the norm and it's now possible to skip the tiring process of scouring bars and events for other singles in order to get a date, sometimes it's just the thought of going on the date that's tiring. No matter what kind of encounter you plan, it will always require some sort of physical effort. We're going to put this simply: we all have sexual needs, and sometimes we'd just like to satisfy those needs with human connection that doesn't require the extra effort of meeting someone in person. For that, we have sexting.
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